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For the last week and a half or so I’ve been working on a major project. It’s the paper that I’ll be presenting at the Society of Pentecostal Studies conference in March titled “An Emerging Pneumatology: Jurgen Moltmann and the Emerging Church in Conversation”. Basically it’s an academic version of It’s a Dance where instead of having a few folks chatting at a pub I basically finally got to writing out the underlying foundations of the book as found in Gibbs and Bolgers Emerging Churches and in the writings of Moltmann. It’s a little bit of what was in my head that got me to start writing It’s a Dance, drawing the connection between the various traits and the theological study of the Holy Spirit.

It took a week and a half to write but it’s been on my mind since the middle of December. I had to really get back into the mindset of the topic and that meant a lot of re-reading and some new reading, expanding a little bit of my Moltmannia.

This all involves a little bit of a trick that I’ve yet to sort out but really need to learn how to do so. In writing that I had to get very academic again, but I didn’t want to post in that kind of style and I didn’t want to let go that style in order to find a more approachable cadence. So I stopped posting while I was getting my mind back in shape. It was hard this time, I think, because it’s been so long since I had to get myself academically focused. As I keep my feet a little bit more in that world, hopefully I’ll find it easier to pop back and forth.

As it seems a lot of doors are opening in the academic direction, more than the pastoral (though there’s a wee conversation about that too I need to bring up), my goal is never to dwell in the ivory tower but really to keep writing what I’ve been writing, and focus on books that can engage the broadest possible audience.

Thanks for all your encouragement as I keep at this.

Cheers, Patrick

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