Where are the handicapped?

Jonathan Brink posted a provocative comment about the Origins network, making note there are no women in the highest leadership team. I added my thoughts over at his post, as did a whole lot of others, many of whom were familiar to me.

Makes for a lively conversation.

At some point during the day I got to thinking about pushing this inclusion further. After all, the racial mix of Origins is nothing short of extraordinary given the typical emerging/missional reality. The whole day was pretty Southern Californian in its mix. Women, men, all sorts of races, all sorts of types.

I didn’t, however, see anyone who was handicapped. That’s a pretty major issue in this world. Health needs and concerns strike at the root of our being and affect how we view the world, how we interact as a Body. And for the most part it’s still a pretty ignored reality for most who live life healthy.

I’m not charging Origins and accusing them of dismissing the handicapped. I’m asking a bigger question, and one which hits across a whole lot of emerging/missional/traditional networks. Do we need representatives of every perspective at the highest levels in order to be free from perspective bias?

Jesus did not include women in his leadership team, nor the handicapped. He ministered to and with women, he loved the lepers and the lame, bringing holistic healing. Was he perspectively challenged as a young, healthy Jewish male in a Jewish dominated land?

What have we to learn from his ministry style and missional networking? I leave that question open.

What are your thoughts?

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