What is holiness

This last Sunday I spoke at my foster church, Two Rivers Church in Milwaukie, Oregon. I call it my foster church because I’ve felt more welcomed and invited to participate there than any other church, but really it’s Amy’s church–the church she led worship at from its founding until I married her and brought her south.

We were back up there for a very busy extended weekend, and she was invited to lead worship once again. I was invited to preach. I was fairly overwhelmed through the beginning of this summer and didn’t have time to think about anything else. I almost begged off. But it occurred to me that the best thing I could do was probably the easiest: convert my recent 37 page paper on holiness to a preachable length and style. Not just best for me… I think it’s the most useful thing I have to say right now.

So, I did that. Got it down to about 12 pages, and took out the more egregious academia. Amy helped me out by reading some verses throughout the sermon–verses that relate, but were not specifically developed.

You can have a listen to that sermon, if you’d like. Two Rivers posted it on their website. It’s a Flash site, and I’m not sure how to give a specific link to the file. But, go to their page, click on the sermon tab, then click on 7/5/2009 “Holy”. That’s me!

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