Wednesday evening update

Here’s the official word:

As of 4 PM, fire officials report that the Grass Fire is 30% contained and the Slide Fire is still at 0%. The Grass Fire has burned about 1,000 acres and was primarily burning within its perimeter today with little expansion. The Slide Fire continues to grow and has burned just over 10,000 acres. A volunteer firefighter who fought the blaze in Green Valley Lake and Running Springs said that for every one house there were unable to save, firefighters managed to save five. The fire has burned down Highway 330 to near the middle passing lane and 1N09.

Despite poor visibility, firefighters are making good progress on the Slide and Grass Fires today. Poor visiblity has prevented the fixed wing aircraft from making drops, but 14 helicopters are working both the Slide and Grass Fires along with over a thousand fire personnel. The fire has continued to burn toward Big Bear with news helicopters placing it 2 miles to the west of the Big Bear Dam. However, its progress has slowed as it has moved into the burn area for the Butler Fires, and firefighters are optimistic about the eastward progress halting.

Helicopter over Lake Arrowhead fire

And this is just neat, from this afternoon:

Per CNN report just now, an unmanned NASA drone out of Edwards AFB will be flying all night with IR technology to scout out hot spots on the hill. Supposedly this will be a 10-hour flight to help direct fire crews

Some stores are open and there was a feeling of relaxation in the air today. The fires aren’t out but the prognosis is very good, and it’s looking like it’s just about putting it out and cleaning things up now.

No word when regular power will be restored, or the main roads opened. But it seems the fire has done its worst up here and is going to start saying goodbye.

Thanks for your prayers.


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