We are

The model of the God who did not see his divinity something to be asserted but made himself a slave, dying on our behalf is more than a good tale of service to us; it is the model of service for us, suggesting a kenotic ecclesiology as we are the body of Christ. Indeed, “I am,” in sending the Son to us and for us, transforms us, the objects of society, into becoming a perichoretic communion, participating, in freedom, with the Triune God, lifted out of our circumstances into the fullness of community, each as our own person, expressing our true identity, as we participate in the source of all identity. “I am” transforms “us” into becoming the “we are”. We are, with I Am, a new kind of humanity, called to express this in all our lives, modeled and trained within the holistic community that is the church. In the power of the Spirit we are no longer objects to be acted upon, by oppressors or by dysfunctional systems, but rather we become ourselves the subjects of God’s continuing, transforming work.

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