Walk at Dusk

I’ve changed the picture at the top of this page. It’s one of my favorite paintings, maybe my favorite. I remember about seven years ago going to the Getty Museum for the first time. By myself if I remember correctly. Just wanted some inspiration. I walked through the rooms and there was this small painting near the corner. It hit me. It reflected something deep within my soul. I stood and stared at it a while, not as much thinking about it as much as feeling its quiet energy.

It spoke to me, more than I knew at the time. And maybe it still does. Like a reminder. A direction. An encouragement.

I don’t really know the words to describe what exactly it was saying. But I thought I’d put it up as a regular reminder. Of course, I did add the title, and the appropriate corvids for the theme.

A Walk at Dusk by Caspar David Friedrich.

Feel free to try some words about it. Let me know how it strikes you.

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