Waiting and Hurrying part 2

Hurrying: Hurrying is a really fast walking in space from one place to another. To hurry “to the future” translates this movement from space into the time of history. In time, to “hurry” means the crossing of the limits of reality in the field of possible futures. In crossing these boundaries we take the anticipated future that we hope for.

With each action of the righteous we are preparing the “new earth”, on we will “live” on justice, on the Way. Let us create something right , for those who suffer violence *, then the future of God shines in their world. If we set ourselves for the “widows and orphans,” a bit of life comes into our world. The earth groans under the unjust violence, with which we exploit their resources and strengths.

We “hurry” towards the future of the Lord, when we anticipate that justice, a new and permanent earth should arise on the day of the Lord. Things are not to be taken as they are, but to see them as they may be in that future, and to realize this potentiality now. calls the future to become just. The rudiments of an ethic of hope are therefore perspectives, ways to anticipate and to fulfill, what will be tomorrow. Waiting and hurrying to the future of the Lord, that is today: Resistance and Anticipation.

Moltmann, Ethik der Hoffnung, my attempted translation

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