To Live is Christ

What does it mean to say, “To Live is Christ and to die is gain?”

I’ve been wrestling with this question for a little over 20 years, ever since getting struck by Philippians 1:21 while a junior in college.

More important than what it means is what it would take for me to say the same thing.

This past Sunday I preached on Philippians 1:12-26, so you can hear a little bit about my explorations.

Here’s the powerpoint notes:  Notes for Philippians 1 12-26.

Today as I was leaving my office, my car completely shut off as I was in the middle of an intersection making a left turn.   I pushed it into a parking lot, called AAA for a tow.

The mechanic just called and said it would be a $600 repair. In December we had a $900 repair for our Subaru.

We can’t afford it.  But, we have to.  My contract with Fuller ends in June, and nothing is lined up to come after that.  So, we don’t know where we’ll be, what we’ll be doing, how we’ll pay for anything once summer hits.

So, when I say, “To live is Christ” I’m not speaking out of a place where I’m finding ease in every (or any) direction.  I’ve been learning how to continue to say it anyhow, with depth of hope and trust, come what may.

I think this is what Paul is getting at in the passage, and I’m getting closer to saying it for myself.

May peace abound and fruit as well.

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