Thinking about Easter at Home

My wife, Amy, is the worship leader at our small Wesleyan church, and so we’re figuring out along with many of you and so many others what Easter looks like when we’re not able to meet in person.  This is usually the key event of church life, and now… well, it still is. Just different.

We can’t depend on conventions, habits, even many traditions.   That’s the challenge, but also an opportunity.  I think about the first Easter, when Jesus walked out the tomb. There wasn’t a crowd.   Jesus walked out that tomb even still.   He met Mary in the garden. Then he visited with others, on the road, in their houses, all kinds of places.

Christianity doesn’t depend on a specific place, though such can be handy. It doesn’t depend on specific rites, though these can be wonderful experiences of God’s grace and guidance.  Christianity is true because Jesus walked out of the tomb, and invites us into a new life with God, together with all those all over the world, throughout time, who share this communion.

Rarely before has the church been so separated in even the smallest scales, yet we’re still in unity, celebrating that the Spirit who gives us life, is with us wherever we are at, whoever we are with, and that Easter is a celebration that God is the God of life, hope, and transformation.

I think about all this and wonder how we can best encourage and inspire others to see Jesus for who he is. That was the challenge, as you know, for the earliest witnesses.  They saw Jesus, but they didn’t see Jesus. He didn’t wait for them, he rose from the dead and went to them, invited them, chatted with them, blessed them.

We may not celebrate the resurrection in our church buildings this year, but we will be able to meet Jesus, to walk with him, to listen to him, to trust that the Spirit is doing a wonderful thing even as the world around us struggles with panic.

We are invited toget to know God better and better, so that in our callings we can teach, preach, share in words and in our actions the life the Christ gives to us, wherever we are at.

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