The economizing of everything

Talking about Bonhoeffer’s writing, Moltmann said, “He wrote this in a totalitarian regime, where everything was politicized. Now we live in a totalitarian regime where everything is economized. Everything is made into a commodity. You pay for it and you get it.” I note this is true even in church, and Moltmann agreed. He went on to say:

In this situation it would be good to say a Christian church functions differently, not like a firm or a bank. A university is not a bank. A hospital is not a shopping mall. They have different forms of life and these different forms of life must be respected. Just as we respect that competition is a tool for good in an economy. But it’s not a life and death competition. Those who lose must survive, like a football game. They cannot kill you. So there’s rules and limits in which economists should think economically and church people should think theologically. The university is also different. We have this overall economization of life at the present, and this is repressive.

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