The Determining God

God’s efficacy is not, in Christian theology, determined or regulated by some process or notion outside of himself; he is the determinative and definitive identity, a force of creative power and a personal identity who has freely chosen to create and freely chooses to relate to his creation in an intimate way. This is the intimacy of love.

Death is determinative. Except for the new thing that is the resurrection. Judgment and sin are determinative. Except for the new thing that is the incarnation and the event on the cross. The determinative identity of the universe, the Creator of all processes and matter, does not stay aloof, working solely in the processes of this created world but enters into humanity; something new that is re-created from the presence of this personal atom of eternity in the midst of human society. God becomes this dust-formed man, the messiah who is not dependent on Fate but is determinative for the renewal of humanity and all of creation. This is the messianic mission, God’s intervening within the process to renew the processes back towards his orientating identity, as it is his identity which gave form and shape to these processes.

God who creates is able to re-create.

That’s something I wrote this morning. I’m now near the beginning of my fourth chapter, about 15 pages in, and here I’m talking about Moltmann’s God in Creation and how a creation theology relates to a liberating theology.

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