“stuff white people like”

Stuff White People Like. Or “how to fit into the emerging church scene”.

There’s a great website that is dedicated to listing what white people like. Things such as gentrification:

“White people like to live in these neighborhoods because they get credibility and respect from other white people for living in a more “authentic” neighborhood where they are exposed to “true culture” every day.”

Or study abroad:

“If you need to make up your own study abroad experience, they all pretty much work the same way. You arrived in Australia not knowing anybody, you went out to the bar the first night and made a lot of friends, you had a short relationship with someone from a foreign country, you didn’t learn anything, and you acquired a taste for something (local food, beer, fruit). This latter point is important because you will need to be able to tell everyone how it is unavailable in your current country.”

Or knowing what’s best for poor people:

It is a poorly guarded secret that, deep down, white people believe if given money and education that all poor people would be EXACTLY like them. In fact, the only reason that poor people make the choices they do is because they have not been given the means to make the right choices and care about the right things.

Or, maybe, Apple products:

On the surface, you would ask yourself, how is that white people love a multi-billion dollar company with manufacturing plants in China, mass production, and that contributes to global pollution through the manufacture of consumer electronic devices?

Simple answer: Apple products tell the world you are creative and unique. They are an exclusive product line only used by every white college student, designer, writer, English teacher, and hipster on the planet.

I woke up this morning thinking about a writing a post talking about some of my critiques of the emerging/missional church movement. I tend to be a cheerleader of it, and I think this hides some of the reasons I stepped away from it for a number of years, and only found my way back in a roundabout way. But, then I saw this site, and realized it’s getting at a lot of my pet peeves in a funnier way. And, getting at a lot of what I do like. I’m white, I know. I’m fine with the fact.

Well, well worth going through all the posts they have there. Hilarious stuff.

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