Jenna Fischer, Pam from The Office, has written a great little post on the Hollywood writer’s strike.

I’m not a screenwriter, and likely will never be one. But I really support this strike, as a writer. The writers are the foundation of any good entertainment. Casts get famous, but it is the writing of a show or movie that sets it apart. Because they are behind the scenes, however, writers are often forgotten and ignored. Ignored by studios who are run by people with very little creative talent, besides squeezing more dollars out of society. The writers are asking for what is rightfully theirs, part of the royalties for the content they, not the studios and not the actors, created. The multi-national corporations, however, would rather break the union, force the writers to hide once more. I’m for this strike, no matter how long it lasts. The studios are ruining entertainment in this country and they need to lose for all sorts of reasons. No better reason, in my mind, than giving writers more money.

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