Stations of the Resurrection

Christ is risen.

Christ is Risen by Peter Paul Rubens

Happy Easter!!

The Stations of the Cross are an important meditation. But focusing so much on that leaves out so much of what we really are about. We’re not only forgiven, we are now free to really begin to live, live free now and through eternity.

In thinking of this, after several years of focusing on the Stations of the Cross as both a physical experience at the church I worked at and as a written exercise I thought it worthwhile to have a go at the Stations of the Resurrection. I’ve heard since there are other forms of this, but as I was going by my own inspiration and couldn’t find guidance at the time I have chosen these fourteen emphases, beginning with Easter and ending on Pentecost.

Someday, given the space and opportunity again, it might be fun to put these into some kind of physical, sensory, experience.

For now… writing and art. Enjoy these Stations of the Resurrection.

He is risen indeed.

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