Spring Break!!

This week is Spring Break. I actually get a bit of a Spring Break for the first time in a very long time.  Well, not a very stereotypical Spring Break.

Sure, the weather is nice, warm even, but that’s become a bit of a problem here in Southern California, too much of a good thing.

I get to stop for a bit, at least take a step back from grading and class prep and academics. Presented this past Saturday, my foray into atonement theology.  Probably more insecure about that than anything I’ve done. Not that I think I’m wrong, I think I’m on track, it’s just that I felt very alone with it. Why’s no one else bringing up these issues?  Issues of trust, obedience, and such, even as it seems clear in Scripture that is an emphasis?  Maybe because “Works” became the warning word for anything that sounds like participation, or response, or expected actions.  Obedience isn’t works.  But that’s a different issue. This is Spring Break, I’m not thinking about those issues this week.

Mostly I’m recovering from a cold, doing odds and ends around the house, ends and odds that I’ve put off since we moved in.  Not really celebrations of Spring, but that’s fine.  It’s still a break.

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