Sometimes I write just to amuse myself…

I usually tend to have some sort of goal when I write, especially at first. But sometimes, maybe when I’m in a bit of a mood, I write to amuse myself. Make me laugh a little.

Such as this paragraph:

Larry Nguyen rolled through the open door and up to the coffee counter. As he rolled up the barista started on his usual order—a 12 ounce mocha latte—without needing to be told. They talked a little bit about the band, Fontucky, that had played at the coffee shop the last weekend. It was a bit out of the usual for most of the regulars, country not being entirely popular in this urban area. But it was still interesting and the band was both good enough and inviting enough to break through the initial reluctance. Larry had even bought a CD, thinking their song “Living the 909” might even have a good chance to become a hit. The barista didn’t, but he was going to mention it to his cousin in Hesperia, who liked that kind of music a lot more.

Oh, and the book this is from, tentatively titled Exodus: God’s Path to Promise was just yesterday picked up by Barclay Press for publication. Forthcoming… sometime next year.

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