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Three beautiful things for Tuesday, the 12th.

1. Today is my class day. I’m taking a class on Wolfhart Pannenberg. The assigned reading was a couple of chapters from his systematic theology (about 130 pages or so). I decided that this week I would also read the recommended book. One student presents on a book each week that relates to the chapters. I chose to read it as well. It’s one of Pannenberg’s more important books and I thought now or never. A book on Jesus. We spent three hours in jovial and focused conversation, without holding back, on the work and person of Christ. A group of people with varied backgrounds who are there to wrestle with the depths. A free and open conversation pushing us each. That’s beautiful to me.

2. I didn’t sleep well last night. Or rather I slept great, but woke up particularly early so didn’t get a lot of sleep. Coffee helped me through class. But all the reading I did this week and the class itself caught up with me by later afternoon. The weather is just about ideal. I turned on a fan for a bit of noise and spent about 1/2 hour engrossed in a deep sleep. Naps. When the eyelids are oh so heavy, naps are beautiful.

3. We’re winding our way through Michael Palin’s travel documentary Full Circle, in which he travels a circle around the Pacific ocean. Today we spent an hour in Bolivia at Lake Titicaca, and then on to Peru. I’ve never been to these places, and there’s a good chance I never will. But for a brief bit, while we sat on the couch eating our dinner of hamburger and tater tots we took a ride on a bus, a train, a reed boat, and saw magnificent beauty, guided by a jovial host. That’s not as beautiful as being in the place… but it’s a beautiful place to see even still.

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