return from a pause

A posting pause.

And what a curious post to leave sitting there a week. A mere aside became the standing representation of my thoughts. And a not particularly reflective aside at that.

I think that when I write I start poking at things, waking them up, and then I have to untie some of the knots that get formed when pulling the threads. That hit me in both apparent emphases of late. The idea of theology and science, and the idea of whether I’m missional.

Add this to the fact that I’ve been pouring in my head all kinds of reading from all kinds of unexpected directions.

It got me to thinking, and then because I don’t have a fluidity of posting just whatever, it got me to pause in my written reflections.

The thoughts continue but haven’t coalesced into something quite yet.

They have wandered farther along, however.

In regards to science and theology I left the story hanging there. I think that while this is my perception of the ‘dialogue’ (are scientists interesting in talking as much as theologians?) that’s not a final conclusion. Indeed, that’s not even reflecting the most helpful recent trends.

And that’s where it gets tied up, not only with itself but also with the other strand of thought in my head, the missional one.

What is really Christian thinking?

That’s a pressing topic for me as I engage in theology, supposedly Christian theology but most of the time its not as much wholly Christian in methodology as much as trying to justify itself outwards to other patterns of thought, philosophy, lifestyles.

What would a truly Christian theology and practice look like? One that is not trying to be relevant outwards but is instead willing to sacrifice making sense in order to embrace an inner coherency. Rather than being coherent with outside thought, I wonder what it would be like to be coherent to itself, in content and message. I think that would be a radical change indeed, though one we see again and again in the Gospels and in the letters, and really all through the Bible, in which God explains and acts like God will act, often not in a way that fits a recognizable ‘method’ but which is wholly his own method, and one which Jesus continues.

And, it should be noted, so does the Spirit.

Christianity on its own terms.

Might be very freeing.

That doesn’t mean retreating into a bubble. Just the opposite really. It means a boldness of self-perception and a willingness to leap in the direction of apparent foolishness in order to discovery radical creativity and wholeness.

This is all vague. I know.

I’m working on fixing that.

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