“Raising is a historical event that has taken place in Jesus of Nazareth, but it is at the same time an eschatological happening, anticipating the raising of the dead in this one Person, and the new creation through that one Person. Consequently, the resurrection of Jesus is comprehended only if the Spirit of the resurrection lays hold of men and women and they experience a rebirth to the fullness of life. For them, resurrection is like a new birth and a new beginning of life. Through the transfomring power of divine love mortal life will come alive from within. The experience of God will become the experience of being loved and affirmed from all eternity. That is the fullness of life. This experience is a support beyond death, one’s own death and the death of others, beyond fear and beyond grief. The raising of Jesus and the fullness of life that has appeared in him and is accessible in him is the greatest experience of God’s love.”

Jürgen Moltmann, The Living God and the Fullness of Life, 146

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