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Curious George, though universally included within the taxon of monkey, referred to as such within the body of literature which contains his various adventures, does not in fact have a tail.[1] Thus, it is more accurate to refer to the … Continue reading

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Well, there you go…

9:10 on 11/12/13. Seems like a good time to do something that requires the alignment of time. Unfortunately, I specialized in the wrong esoterica so I’m not sure what to do with it.

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Theology is a has-been popular cheerleader

This is supposed to be my first real post on Philip Clayton’s book Adventures in the Spirit. One of my quirks is to occasionally anthropomorphize concepts, situations, politics, etc. and see such as characters in a sitcom. Sitcoms have given … Continue reading

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A house squirrel

Squeaky maintains much of the character of a wild eastern gray squirrel. She hides nuts throughout Saites’ apartment and “chatters” when she feels threatened. She climbs and jumps from furniture and cracks open nuts with her front teeth. But her … Continue reading

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