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poop news

Poop has been found in a cave in Oregon. Fourteen thousand year old poop. Fossilized feces. The oldest human defecation found in North America. In case you’re wondering: While the analysis is not yet complete, he said there are bones … Continue reading

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Google allows for the manipulation of time. How does it work? Gmail utilizes an e-flux capacitor to resolve issues of causality (see Grandfather Paradox).

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Off and Away to an emerging pneumatology

I’m leaving on a jet plane, be back late Sunday evening. Going to the Society of Pentecostal Studies annual conference, out in North Carolina–at Duke to be more exact. Should be a grand time. I’m giving a little presentation on … Continue reading

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Emerging/missional and the OS

In an earlier post I asked if I could still be allowed in emerging circles even though I’m not voting for Obama (and didn’t) and I use Microsoft Windows. Anyone who has followed this blog for a while can understand … Continue reading

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