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renewing a way

How different all this is from the instruction I received as I grew into my own Christian faith. I was taught to recite the creeds, I was prepared for confirmation on the basis of a catechism that in effect told … Continue reading

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A Way in a Manger

 Something I wrote in 2011 for a now defunct site. Gets at how the theology we sometimes want, even in Christmas, isn’t really the theology we need. In this 2020 Christmas, we need a theology of hope within the messiness.   … Continue reading

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Take control

I’m thinking the big problem with 2020 for most of us is that we’ve willingly handed over our emotions for other people to control, then blame them for leading us like slaves to their whims. Some people are dealing with … Continue reading

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I value that Juneteenth is getting a lot more broader attention these days. It’s a really important day in American history, not so much this particular day (which was when the Emancipation Proclamation became applied in Texas) but as part … Continue reading

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Considering the Cross

The cross is everywhere in our culture.  The legacy of many centuries of Christendom, where it was a marker of faith, then became a marker of culture, ethnicity, power.  A symbol of rejection and punishment becomes the marker of acceptability.  … Continue reading

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Dear Lord of Light

Read: Psalm 97 Dear Lord of Light, when the shadows surround me, and all becomes dark I begin to wonder where to go, who to be. I lose a sense of direction. The old lights have gone dim, and don’t … Continue reading

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