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A house squirrel

Squeaky maintains much of the character of a wild eastern gray squirrel. She hides nuts throughout Saites’ apartment and “chatters” when she feels threatened. She climbs and jumps from furniture and cracks open nuts with her front teeth. But her … Continue reading

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A missional question

As I’m engaging this question of “Am I missional?” I got to thinking, and another question popped into my head that probably affects how we view this first question. At what age would we say Jesus became missional? How does … Continue reading

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Analysis of the situation

An excerpt from my presentation today on the introduction and first chapter of A Theology of Liberation: Gutiérrez identifies “theology as wisdom” and “theology as rational knowledge” as two classical functions of theology. The former relates theology to the spiritual … Continue reading

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Online Addiction and Being Missional

I was poking around at the new Missional Tribe website this evening and ran across an interesting post, in which Raffi Shahinian responds to Dan Kimball about whether online social activities can be addictive and distracting from our primary purposes … Continue reading

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Back at it

I’ve taken what turned out to be a long break from regular blogging. It wasn’t just the busyness of wedding and travel, but that was a lot of it. Even more was the seemingly regular disruption of blogging access. I … Continue reading

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