Put on the shelf

God may be dealing with you on the line of considering the lilies, He is causing you to take deeper root and meanwhile you do not bear flowers. For a time your experience is–”What I tell you in darkness, that you speak in light.” The only ones who knew who Jesus was and what He came to do, were a handful of fishermen. After He had died and risen again, He distinctly told them to wait in Jerusalem until they were endued with power from on high. According to ordinary reason they would have said, “That is absurd, this is not the time to wait; we are the only ones who know these things, we ought to be proclaiming the truth.” Jesus said: “Tarry… until…”

Don’t get impatient with yourself; your dominating interest is taking deeper root. In all probability in your time of active service you were living from hand to mouth on spooned meat, you nourished your life by the interesting details of religious life, you had no nutritious root, and your work proved to be an elaborate way of evading concentration on God. There are far more people interested in consecration than concentration. It is easier to fuss around at work than to worship; easier to pay attention to details, to say our prayers or conduct a meeting, than to concentrate on God.

Has God put you on the shelf deliberately? Why cannot He be glorified by a man in the dust as well as in the sunshine? We are not here to tell God what to do with us, but to let Him use us as He chooses. Remember, God’s main concern is that we are more interested in Him than in work for Him. Once you are rooted and grounded in Christ the greatest thing you can do is to be. Don’t try and be useful; be yourself and God will use you to further His ends.

~Oswald Chambers

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