Proposition 98 and 99

I’ve not done too much politics of late, mostly because it’s not entirely a fruitful discussion. But sometimes I think it’s worthwhile to jump back in and have a little say. Or at least point to someone else’s say.

This June 3rd we in California have a couple of ballot initiatives, both of which are addressing the idea of imminent domain, the issue raised most recently by the utterly execrable Kelo decision.

Both seemed a little suspicious to me, and with these kinds of initiatives deception should be looked for, and the backers analyzed as well as the text of the law.

Ilya Somin has a new op-ed in the Times that clarifies what is happening, and why we should probably vote Yes on 98 and No on 99. ]

Though, honestly, they both have problems and I wish there could be an initiative that is straightforward on this topic. It wouldn’t be that difficult. Though, I suppose it doesn’t really matter how we vote. California voting is more like an opinion poll that gives us something to do while the courts tell us how it’s going to be.

I do suggest voting still, though. Because one never knows what will stay on the books, and if because of this people end up not losing their homes it’s a victory.

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