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Step away, step toward, step to the side, step to the other side. A dance, a curious dance as these steps are not to music being played but instead a life being lived.

To settle, not settle alone, but settle down. To find a ceasing of the frentic soul which for this past month has been dancing in an unrestrained rhythm, if rhythm one can even call it.

My soul is not still, so what do I resonate? My heart is not calm, so what do I radiate? My inner being finds no rest, so what do I say, and see, and hear?

I pray for peace, for the peace of Jerusalem, when Jerusalem is within.

I pray for light, for delight, not which provokes confusion but which enables me to see, to dance the intricate dance and revel in God annointed peace.

There must be stillness around, even here where I once left due to no stillness. But I look in different directions for stillness now, not without but within.

I pray for the Spirit to wash and clean and let me breathe. The frenetic soul is weary of the dance it cannot stop, so I change the music and seek the hope of the quiet.

May god rest with me, within me, about me, so that I can drink the deep draughts of Living water.

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