Scottish Rites

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It is always heartwarming in this technological and rationalistic age to read that some of the old ways, mysterious and primal, still abound, coming out at curious times.

A construction company has been forced to halt its plans for a housing development. Why? Because of the fairies.

If only Lake Arrowhead had fairies who lived under the rocks, and would be disturbed by the bother of construction.

Ah, such a prosaic neighborhood I live in. Though, seriously enough, I suspect part of my perception here is that I really don’t know the land as well as I should, and I am still hidden to its mysteries. Those in St. Fillans, know their land, and know what is real. Even if technology and rationalism might disagree.

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  1. zippy the troll Says:

    this is one of the greatest news stories i’ve seen in a long time.