A delivery

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Uh, the UPS man is here.

the UPS man

In fact, he’s a bit stuck.

the UPS man

The tow truck is on its way. Though I’m not sure what they’re going to do about it.

Two hours later a tow truck comes. This one doesn’t even try. The problem is the UPS truck has to be pulled back off the stump, and pulled back so it doesn’t tip all the way over. The problem with this problem is there’s no way to get behind the UPS truck. It’s blocking the driveway you see.

Night descends, and the truck is still sitting here.

the UPS man

Four and a half hours after getting stuck, another tow truck comes, and a more macho tow truck one cannot find. It has everything.

the UPS man

This driver stares awhile and comes up with a plan. My guess is the folks who drive these macho tow trucks are the elites in this sort of thing and very creative in their getting things back in order.

He decides to use the big boom wench to lift the front of the UPS truck off the ground, getting both rear wheels on the ground. When this is done the driver slowly puts the truck in reverse, moving an inch or so at a time while the tow truck operator lets the slightest bit of slack in the cable.

the UPS man

Takes about fifteen minutes. But, the UPS truck gets all four tires on the ground and gets facing down the driveway in a proper fashion. Soon after he’s off to home, the twenty deliveries he had left now rescheduled for another day.

“It was a dangerous thing to try,” the tow truck driver said afterwards. “I’ve seen the straps break, or come loose, then who knows what the truck would have done. Fortunately, it worked out for us.”

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