Ten Lessons

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“So, what are you learning, Patrick?” my hypothetical inquisitor asks.

“Good question,” I reply, feeling the vague lessons of life moving ponderously inwards but not quite always able to specify their nature or quality.

My mind was wandering this morning as I lay in bed, the covers pulled tightly, and more covers on top of those covers.

A junco was outside and the birdbath was frozen. Winter may be yet a month away, but the signs are strong it is already here. Winter is a time for thinking, and so I was thinking before I was fully awake, pondering the lessons of life, which once awake I converted into the metric system.

Ten lessons of life, to be more developed in future posts:
1. Becoming a servant in reality rather than in rhetoric.
2. Recognition and investment in those already in one’s life.
3. Respect for authority without dependence on authority
4. Ambitionless interaction
5. Patience
6. Doing things “in Christ” rather than “for Christ”
7. Finding the fluidity of the work of the Spirit rather than depending on static approaches.
8. Emptying and letting go
9. Emphasis on the eternal rather than the temporal
10. Freedom through restriction

So there you go, at least there you have the lessons I was able to codify on this chilly wintery morning.

Now for a cup of coffee, a lesson I learned a decade ago.

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