God and Tsunamis

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David Hart, in the Wall Street Journal, writes a very appropriate article our problems with God when natural disasters cause over 100,000 deaths.

This is an article which should be posted on doors and handed out.

Sometimes we are left only with the declaration that God is indeed good and all will be well. That is the Christian hope. The world is not good, and life is filled with disaster. But at the end of all things God is good and all will be well. We are people of this promise especially when the reality of this present life seems to reveal all is actually rather bad. We neither ignore the present inexplicable evils nor lose hope in restoration of the future.

This is the heart of the book of Revelation. We are called to pray, give comfort, assist the needy and downtrodden, and bring light into darkness. We are not called to explain or understand everything. We have our part and having all the answers is not within our ability, even if there are many who would like to pretend to have such power.

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