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So, after waking up quite early and spending my time reading a good chunk from Pannenberg’s Systematic Theology I decided I had earned a bit of a break and breakfast.

I, of course, decided it was a fine time to watch The Sea Hawk starring Errol Flynn. I’m not generally into old movies, but these action flicks always are a treat.

I pop in the DVD and am delighted to see they have a set of features called Warner’s night at the movies. Basically, this includes a brief introduction by Leonard Maltin about the year the movie was made. Then there’s a preview for another movie in the same year, a movie short, a cartoon, and a newsreel. After this the movie starts.

Now this is good, quality old time fun. I only watched about ten minutes of the actual movie, but I had a grand break with the other stuff.

It gave me an idea, what I think is a grand idea, only I’ve no money whatsoever, so I’m suggesting it rather than doing it, though I’d do it if I had the extra money to get it done.

Movies now have become frustrating experiences. The previews are sometimes good, but the rest of the pre-movie experience has been so cluttered with ads and whatnot I feel violated. I pay good money not to watch commercials, then they sneak them in. It’s irritating.

However, how fun would it be to have a movie theater decide to go back to the classic pattern. Instead of ads and upwards of 8 previews, there’s a nice pre-movie priming experience. One preview, followed by a newsreel. Now, being this is the movies the newsreel has to be about something uplifting and fun. I think there’s a place for telling all the nasty stuff of war and this world, but this newsreel could feature one of the many unknown quality stories, which are news but not the kind of news that news shows consider news.

Then, there could be a short feature. These are the kinds of shorts that get nominated for oscars but no one ever sees. Then we could have a cartoon, something silly, maybe with a musical number. At this point the movie starts, and everyone feels they got their money worth.

Now, I would pay extra to go to a theater like this, and I would go out of my way to go to a theater like this. Moviegoers are being abused by crass commercialism. Someone really needs to get back into the business of movie experience making. They’d make a bundle.

2 Responses to “random idea”

  1. pop Says:

    “movie experience making” . . . hmmm.

  2. Scaliant Says:

    Those are some good suggestions; I’ve noticed that the New York Times (… or was it the L.A. Times? I forget …) has put at least part of that idea into action: At a lot of theatres, you now get 2-4 minutes of an uplifting news-story, courtesy of the paper (which, really, is an ad for the newspaper, but taking a decidedly different and fairly enjoyable ad-shape). Sad to say, the kind of money it would take to get such an alternative theatre experience off the ground might be prohibitive — but then, I’m pretty broke, myself.