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We hear on the news of Falwell or Robertson or we see TBN and it really frustrates me that these are the faces the world sees as representing evangelicalism and conservative Christianity. They may have had their moments, but like many they preach themselves more than they preach Christ. The Message is lost in that vague miasma of vainglory. This makes it easy to become cynical about the Church or its ministers.

But then there are people who really do represent the Gospel, their name is always accompanied by the name of Christ, they are always pointing the attention towards the One who called them. A lot of these people are unknown, as they work in small churches around the world. One who has made it into the limelight is Billy Graham. He is a man who honors the name of Christ in all he does. He’s not perfect by any means, but he is true to the calling and one who has run the race well. The LA Times, appropriately, has an article on Billy Graham. This is a man who is completely unabashed about telling the Gospel as it is, proclaiming the truth of Christ, and he is a man who even the media can’t help but to respect. That’s the power of the Gospel, and the reality that when kept pure the message really is effective.

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