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It seems that Katrina will be the biggest natural disaster in our history. New Orleans is under water. Officials say it is a non-functioning city, and it will take, at minimum several months to become a city again. All people are being told leave town, because for right now, there is no town.

There are reports of bodies floating down the flooded streets. Hundreds of people are being rescued off the top of their homes by the coast guard, with the water lapping the rooftops.

An official for another county reported in this way, “The southern half of our county has been reclaimed by the Mississippi. Our county is no more.”

With the city nonfunctioning, there are no roads, there is no electricity, there are no schools, there are no jobs, there is no food, nothing for sale and no way for the locals to earn money. Lives and livelihoods are destroyed.

Donations can be sent to Samaritan’s Purse or the Red Cross.

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