Back to school fun

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I’m a big fan of brilliance. This post on back to school by Mr. Sun is brilliantly funny.

Odd thing about today. It was hot. My neighbor bought a house in the mountains for no other purpose than to come up from Orange County (not the cool part shown on tv) and hammer and saw and make silly additions to it. He doesn’t stare at the trees, or watch the sunsets, or enjoy the air. There’s a sourness to his soul, which is frustrating in this neighborhood of otherwise wonderful peace. It’s like a loud gong in the middle of a moment of silence. He’s up this weekend hammering again and making noise on a day which is really too hot to do anything other than quiet things, preferably with a glass of lemonade in hand. This inner frenzy expressed in noise making silly additions to what used to be an interesting house is somewhat odious.

But, in the course of the day I’ve come across forms of brilliance. Two of these I actually talked on the phone with, and the other is this post I noted above. This post was brilliantly funny. The first conversation was with a friend in whose life, if it works out right, the Spirit is doing a brilliant work. The second conversation was with someone who really is brilliant in all senses of the word herself.

How was my day? Brilliant!!

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