Soul’s satisfaction

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A wise woman I was in a meeting with yesterday said an interesting thing in the midst of conversation about computers and articles and church politics.

She commented on how she was amazed how long it took for a person to really grow up. This isn’t about getting “that” job, or the family, or the second house, or the vacation in St. Kitts. Real maturity is about knowing one’s own soul. It is being utterly and truly true to yourself. Some people take decades to get there, some people grow quite old and die without ever starting.

“One can tell a lot by how long it takes a person to answer what satisfies their soul,” she said, or words approximate.

I don’t have quite down the list above but I can answer the question about my soul’s satisfaction in less than a heartbeat.

What satisfies my soul? Writing, nature, helping people see God in their own lives. I can answer this quicker than I can write or speak.

And so what have I done? I’ve left off the focus of the first noted list to focus on this list of the soul’s satisfaction, trusting in my life that the palpable realities will be formed only through the quest of these elusive soul satisfactions. I know, and so I pursue.

What will come of it all has yet to be written. It’s a gamble, all in.

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