Teaching History

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“I am very optimistic about what can be done,” McCullough said, “if the nation just decides to recapture its history.”

This from the writer of one of the more engaging history books in recent years.

Everything in our public discourse suffers from a lack of knowing history and a lack of thinking historically. We, as a country, do not know ourselves and this too often leads to conversations without any foundation beyond our own limited perception. Who we are has developed over the last 200+ years, and unless someone knows this history they have little ability to comment on what we are about in this era, whether such a person is within or outside our national borders. Most folks don’t know, and don’t understand, and so the conversation has descended into baseless opinion and, too often, thoughtless blather.

This is true on the Left and the Right. David Broder has more to say on the subject.

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