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I read with interest that Rove looks to be grooming Giuliani as Vice President.

Now, my suspicions are that Bush and Rove have been also actively working to give Condoleeza Rice an increased national stage and wider experience. She recently worked with the City of New York to help push that city’s 2012 Olympic hopes.

“Rice/Giuliani 2008”? I wouldn’t be surprised, and I would guess this is a guaranteed win ticket. Domestic affairs are, arguably, Dr. Rice’s weakness, and Rudy would be able to step in with his New York experience.

Though, it also sounds like a delicious summer Italian recipe. “Honey, can I have another helping of your wonderful rice giuliani?”

I think we would all like that.

This ticket would also likely mean that Republican’s would hold the White House until at least 2024, once Giuliani does his eight years after Rice. Which would then put us in line for George P. Bush.

I suspect Rove sees this, and is not just plotting the next election… but the death of the Democratic party in its present form, forcing the rise of a new second party by 2032.

I think we would all like that as well.

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