the differences in television networks

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In my glance about the news of the day I happened to catch the tv listings. These intrigued me because tonight they basically show the whole problem of one network and the creativity of another.

On ABC tonight is a miniseries called Empire:

After Caesar’s assassination, the gladiator Tyrannus spirits the dead ruler’s nephew and heir away from the turbulence of Rome; Mark Antony addresses the crowds at the funeral, as a vestal virgin risks her life to guard Caesar’s will.

On NBC is “I want to be a Hilton”, in which the Hilton mom picks a “lucky” person to discover the glories of the heiress lifestyle. “You too can use no end of money to make yourself even more vacuous and vapid!” (my interpretation of the show, and the head of NBC).

If I watch a bit of television tonight, methinks ABC has done a good job by selling through interesting programming, so to there I will go. During a commercial break I might just go ahead and add NBC to the list of channel erased shopping networks and spanish stations.

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