The Commandments

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The Supreme Court said today that posting the Ten Commandments are not allowed in a courthouse.


I think having such is religious posturing more than spirtual proclamation.

Using such important things as a symbol is a waste of their meaning. The Ten Commandments are not meant to be moral suggestions and used as a nice reminder of God. They are the core foundations of the greater law, a law which cannot be separated from the other aspects of the Good News.

Personally, I would much rather have every Christian and Jewish home have the Ten Commandments somewhere displayed. I’ve been in a lot of Christian homes in my life and never have seen a one. Nor have I ever seen the Ten Commandments posted in any Church. Not in our homes nor our churches, yet in the courts? Give me a break. Let’s start in our own houses, and maybe, just maybe, others might see the worth of such a list through example, for they never will through emaciated symbolism of some mythic golden era of Christendom.

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