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If you are of that curious sort who wishes they could take a break from normal life and spend an hour three times a week listening to some of the more influential folks in Christendom without having to pay the big dollars to attend some Christian school I have good news for you.

Wheaton College is posting audio of its chapel messages. You can listen to the archives at least, the netradio doesn’t play them live.

I’m sure this has something to do with needing a tape delay in case of obscenity.

It’s generally an ecletic and often surprising blend of speakers and messages, so well worth the discovery. One of the things I still miss most is getting my morning coffee and bagel, then sitting in chapel letting my heart be rightly refocused before continuing my day of classes.

I’m not sure why they noted this, but the alumi email specifically noted Dr. Stan Jones’ recent message, “My neighbor, the homosexual”.

What is also interesting is that Wheaton College is one of the definitions of Evangelicalism, along with Billy Graham, Christianity Today and Fuller Seminary. Those who speak at Wheaton are themselves defining the movement, and I realized that what I was hearing at Wheaton was about 4-5 years ahead of the broader movement of the Church. So, listen to be edified, or listen to hear the direction of Evangelicalism in general.

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