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This supposed era of new moral values sure makes for curious times. We hyperventilate over who’s kissing whom and what constitutes a viable human being even as we ignore the human being standing right in front of us.

I’ve long noticed how people are very eager to help “those people” as opposed to the people right next to them. It was a trademark honor in Christian ministry for many decades to ignore one’s family for the sake of “the poor” or “the unsaved”.

Cell phones are much the same, albeit in a more irritating less crucial way. They encourage people to ignore who they are with for the sake of someone else… even if the only person they are with is themselves. I’m a fan, to be honest, and appreciate the convenience, but like with all things cell phones can encourage already present bad traits.

I really respect those people who respect others enough to really be there in a moment or a conversation. We all know those people who are otherwise. They spend lunch text messaging another friend or any conversation is always broken up by the three others they must have at the same time.

Connie Schultz has more to say on cell phone sin.

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