New ways and old ways

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In ancient Celtic and Norse societies bards were often considered higher than kings. They spoke with authority and understanding about politics, society, and religion. As such they were treated with much honor and consulted about matters of importance. Plus, they sang songs, told stories, and generally provided entertainment for the People. It would be like if our Supreme Court also put on a nightly musical.

Paul Wolfowitz has been unanimously approved to head the World Bank today. He is, to say the least, not the most beloved person in many circles. But, he is a man with experience who believes that the poor in this world should be helped. It’s primarily his methods and strategy for going about this which are debated. He understands he will be working with a broader range of voices than his previous position in the Bush White House. So, who is one of the first people he makes sure to talk with about global poverty? Bono… the Irish lead singer of the rather successful band U2. Not only does he reach the MTV crowd… he’s particulary knowledgeable about global issues relating to poverty.

Who said bards have lost their influence in this world?

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