The Next President of the United States?

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From the Washington Post:
Condoleeza in '08

Seriously, she’s perfect for the job. Condi Rice is an amalgamation of the Democratic base (single, black woman whose spent most of her life in Academia, can speak fluent French, and is a well regarded musician with strong Northern Californian connections) with a Republican perspective. There’s something for everyone. Fashion magazines will have an American leader worth covering as much as they cover foreign princesses. Pundritry will have a heyday attempting to understand how the various interest groups will respond. Dr. Rice would completely blow out of the water any conception of expected voting patterns and if you think Oprah is good at promoting a book, you have no idea what she could accomplish as a political supporter.

I’m not a typically PC guy, but I do think it would be good for this country to pass some milestones. We need Condi Rice to be President, I think. It would be good for our collective American soul to break down once impossible barriers.

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