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Due to pernicious comment spam I’ve turned off my comments for a while. But, I’m happy to post the occasional comment if it bears on a topic. I asked if one of my liberal leaning friends could explain to me the logic of Democrat “leaders” calling for a quick return of our troops.

From Zippy the Fish:

I think I’d qualify as one of your liberal leaning friends, but I have NEVER been eager to rush the troops home from Iraq. As ill-considered as I believe the Iraq war to have been, I believe it would be worse, immoral even, to leave without finishing the job. If we consider a situation bad enough to warrant our military involvement, we had better realize that we are morally obligated to stay with it until things are better than we found them. In short, if we’re going to ‘blow s*** up’, we’d better be prepared to rebuild it better than it was. Otherwise, all our lofty talk is just hot air, a vast glowing sign of our hypocrisy. And whoever says different can kiss my ass. 🙂

Indeed. He may come from Pennsylvania Dutch stock… but he’s obviously a little feisty. Curiously, he and I agree on most every issue… it’s only the particular people we disagree on. And the answer seems to indicate that the Democrats not only won’t be influencing Bush’s decision making, they are likely going to go far in alienating their own constituents. And that’s a bad thing. Because by exhausting their opposition in such partisan ways they will have no stock to use their influence on topics that count. The people who put their hope in their leadership will simply have to wait yet longer.

It is simply not good tactics to meet a stronger, more focused, better armed enemy head to head on a flat plain. The Democrats in their uproar seem to be baited at every opportunity and cannot see any strategy which would better focus the choice of battles. Boxer seems like Boudica fighting the Romans at the Midlands while Kennedy is leading a political Pickett’s Charge. The country will be worse for their misguided rhetorical waste.

Rice/Lieberman in ’08!

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