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Maybe one of my liberal leaning friends can answer this…

Why is it that those who would have been so very content with the US military to stay in the middle east indefinitely to contain Saddam Hussein now are so eager to bring the military home they can’t hardly stand the emotion of their cause?

We’ve been in the region since 1990. Then again, when has been the removal of the US military been the only sign of accomplishment? Does Kennedy question still whether we won WWII or Korea? US soldiers haven’t left those battlegrounds for fifty or sixty years. I think Iraq is way down on the list of places US soldiers need to come home from if this is what counts.

Not that I think the US should stay… it’s just that I’m wondering when this became a marker for success. Or is it the last little bit of face saving. “I said bring the troops home!” and so whenever they do come home it’ll be some manner of perceived victory by the partisans?

Oh… a sidenote. Had Lieberman been nominated as the Democratic contender for President, he would have won. No doubt in my mind. So, if the goal is winning elections, methinks Dean is not the way to go but rather Lieberman who seems to be the model of philosophical opposition without partisanship. He and Feinstein need to take over the party.

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