Far Side

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I was a bit distracted today. I woke up at 3:45 this morning, wide awake. At least my body was. My mind wasn’t really focused. Which is a waste of waking up that early. I usually can get some great writing in, but I tried and nothing came out. All day I sort of kept trying, and never could get around to getting any focus. But I think I found a new hobby. Photoshopping old Far Side cartoons. Well, putting together an image that matches what was drawn. Here’s my first attempt:
Washington Crossing the Street

3 Responses to “Far Side”

  1. sonja Says:

    Well … that is funny!

    Can you find a photo with a street sign that says Delaware Avenue in it? That would be priceless!!! ROTFLOL …

  2. zippy Says:

    THAT is one beautiful piece of miscellaneousness. Hooray for Photoshop! It’s good they had some anti-gravity field generators down in the hold.

  3. Wren Says:

    I had wondered where that came from.