a bit of theology

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From my reading this morning:

“If in a community we take over responsibility for others, these others exist in a certain way in us, at least in our solicitude for them. That is why in Christian faith we say: because Christ is for us and gave himself for us, we are in Christ. In this relationship, in-existence (meaning location, not negation) is the other side of pro-existence. In a community the pro-existent and the in-existent relationships are so multifarious that any one-sidedness is precluded. We are always there for other people and in other people, just as other people are there for us and in us. In human community we mutually open up for each other the spaces of freedom through love, or we close them through intimidation. We are presence, space, and dwelling for one another.”

2 Responses to “a bit of theology”

  1. sonja Says:

    What is it, may I ask, that you are reading? It sounds very interesting. And as if I might want to read it as well.

  2. Patrick Says:

    I’m reading Jurgen Moltmann’s The Coming of God which is his book on Christian eschatology. He’s a brilliant, brilliant writer but is pretty mind-numbing too. I heartily recommend reading his works, really starting from his first book. But, it’s a dense read, and wouldn’t suggest anyone hurry through it. If you are daring, though, what he wrote was decades ahead of his time, and is very much, I think, in keeping with so much of Emerging thought. He’s a fascinating writer.

    He also has more approachable books, which might be better entries into his thought, such as In the end — the Beginning: the Life of Hope is his more approachable study on eschatology. And The Source of Life is his more approachable book on the Holy Spirit. By approachable I don’t really mean easier but they do leave out the bulk of his interactions with older philosophers and theologians, who aren’t as interesting to most of us now.