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I got back yesterday afternoon. Saw my computer was on, wondered why, then noticed all the other curious traits of a sometime electricity outage over the week.

While in Arizona we didn’t exactly engage primitive conditions. Our motel within walking distance to town, a block from the OK Corral, and surrounded by other assorted Places of Historical Interest, wasn’t the newest place, but it had air conditioning and a television and indoor plumbing.

But, I don’t have a cell phone, and didn’t have access to a computer, or email, or any of the other ‘necessary’ conveniences which somehow erupted to prominence in the roarin’ nineties.

I come home to the mountain retreat and find myself content without those trappings. I turn the computer off, without checking any of the things which I seem to have to check several times a day, don’t update this site with my goings-on, internal or external. Instead, I find peace with the absence. Had the electricity still been out, I would have wondered about the reason, but likely would have contentedly sat and enjoyed the lack of those conveniences which somehow drive our days. Though, to be sure, having the gas go out would be bothersome… no lights is a treat, no hot showers… that’s going too far into barbarism.

This all to say, I’ll get back into the rhythm of regular thoughts, but for now, it may be slow going.

That’s my reality, I suppose. I will eagerly take up the new technology, only if it is gone, I don’t miss it, not for a second.

What I really would like now is a 125 acre ranch bordering the San Pedro river.

I suppose I’ll wait on that, at least for a couple more weeks.

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