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I know I’ve mentioned before. Today I was looking at it again and realized, again, how great a resource it is. Back in the day when I was an eager evangelical, earnestly preparing for a sunday night service, I and some others visited area churches, taking note of their highs and lows.

In shaping something, it is so important to get out of the front, and sit amidst the pews (or chairs, or cushions, or sofas). Bright ideas don’t burn as long when they seem sad when others try it. Important aspects which wouldn’t occur to a brighteyed pastor become strikingly evident. Most of the ‘worshippers’ aren’t trained theologians, so come off like a congregation member would. Like in writing, ministry needs good editing. Only arrogant ministers would think otherwise.

Comments on sermons or other aspects as found in the shipoffools Mystery Worshiper section are invaluable. Follow the comments and thoughts, and a service would put itself together, methinks.

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