I have a friend…

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…who is spending the next month in Asia, traveling about all by her lonesome. Well, at least as lonesome as being in Asia allows. She’s bound to meet people but will be moving from place to place without specific company.

She’s taking notes.

What makes this interesting to me is that it doesn’t fall into the normal categories of travelers I know. She’s neither on a missions trip, nor is she staying in fancy hotels. She’s wandering about in relative traveling poverty, a hoopy frood who has made sure to bring her towel.

Plus, an Ivy League background, a UCLA JD, with a current interest in Ancient Jewish/Christian relations as she pursues her master’s in theology from Fuller Seminary, an EU citizenship, Austrian homeland, US green card, who minored in Japanese while an undergraduate, but has never traveled over the Pacific, are reasons these thoughts may be a a fair bit interesting.

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